Pushup Timing and Plateaus

Questions from a Future Marine Officer in ROTC

I am in Marine Option ROTC. I have really been struggling with pullups and I have a few questions.

  1. Pushup Timing: If I do the pushups at 0645 and don’t do the pullups till 1700 is that too long of a gap? I work full time over the summer. Am I better off doing the pushups when I get home at 1600 and doing the pullups at 2000?
  2. plateauPlateau: I have been stuck at 11 pullups literally since January. I tried your program earlier in the summer but stopped after a few weeks cause I wasn’t seeing results and because I have a deadline to get my pullups up and I can’t afford to waste time. Is this one of those workouts that show results at the end?
  3. Progress Estimate: Realistically, in several weeks if I follow this program religiously, how much will my pullups increase if I can do 11 at the moment?
  4. Next Steps: If I am stuck at 11 and have been for a while, should I start with the advanced program for plateauing or start with the basic workout?


Thanks for the questions!

Your plateau sounds more likely to be undertraining (giving up too fast, being too impatient) than overtraining (going too intense, too frequently, for too long) [Graphic courtesy of Sports Performance Bulletin]
  1. Pushup Timing: Actually the longer gap is probably to your advantage. No tweak necessary there.
  2. Plateau: This workout shows results very quickly for most people. Most likely you’re either under training, over-training, or not doing the pull ups with slow, complete form. (Or combination of the above)
  3. Progress Estimate: If you’re at 11 strict dead hang pull ups right now, you might add one or two a week to your max. Hard to guess without personally knowing your background.
  4. Next Steps :If you don’t see results within three weeks of following the program completely, definitely switch to Armstrong Advanced!

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