Pullups for Women!

Pullups are now being phased in as part of the Marine Corps’ female PFT.


Pullups are the best.

To quote the Commandant’s message:

Effective 1 January 2014, pull-ups will replace the Flexed Arm Hang (FAH). This change will take place in two phases with phase one beginning 1 January 2013. Phase one will serve as a transition period and is intended to allow commanders and individual female marines to adjust individual and unit training routines to prepare for implementation of the new requirements.

Pull-up Scoring For Female Marines:

Eight (8) Pull-ups Equal 100 Points
Seven (7) Pull-ups Equal 95 Points
Six (6) Pull-ups Equal 85 Points
Five (5) Pull-ups Equal 75 Points
Four (4) Pull-ups Equal 65 Points
Three (3) Pull-ups Equal 40 Points

To Pass The Pull-up Portion Of This Event, Females Will Be Required To Execute At Least Three (3) Pull-ups.

Stay tuned for excellent recommendations at female training for the PFT’s pullup portion.

ALMAR 046/12

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